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Benefits & Energy Savings

Misting Systems - The Misting Company

Heat Control

Perhaps you are already aware of how much high temperatures are costing your business. If not, you may be interested in what NASA found out when they conducted their own study, CR-1205-1, "A Compendium of Human Responses to the Aerospace Environment".

This definitive report shows a strong correlation between the effective temperature and human productivity. At 27 degrees C, work output drops by 18% while accuracy suffers by 40%!

Misting Systems - The Misting Company

While productivity is obviously the most costly product of a hot, uncomfortable work environment, that's not the end of it. Your bottom line also suffers from:

  • Low morale, caused by heat discomfort
  • Tardiness and absenteeism
  • Turnover and the associated training and discharge costs
  • Reduced attention to safety
  • Potential health issues

Save Energy using Evaporative Pre-cooling

Evaporative pre-cooling using micro droplets is a proven and affordable method of enhancing the efficiency of air-cooled refrigeration and air-conditioning plants. Air-conditioning can account for 60% - 80% of a building's monthly power consumption. By artificially lowering the ambient temperature outside using our misting systems, immediate energy savings can be achieved. During this time of escalating energy costs, investing in energy saving technology is imperative.

How The Misting Company`s Pre-Cooling Systems Work

Evaporation is the process through which water changes from a liquid to a vapour. For this to take place the bond that holds the water molecules together must be broken. This occurs when the water molecule absorbs a sufficient amount of heat. When the heat is absorbed from an air stream the temperature of the air falls.

The evaporative cooling process begins as water is passed through a pre-treatment phase that de-calcifies the water and then a micro filtration system. The filtered water then flows through a direct displacement high-pressure pump which increases pressure to 70-90 bar. Maintaining a suitable high pressure is of the utmost importance to achieve micro droplets small enough to flash evaporate.

Misting Systems - The Misting Company

An environment friendly additive is dosed into the supply water which breaks the surface tension of the water. This enhances evaporation by an additional 30%. Finally, the clean, pressurized water travels through high-pressure tubing to The Misting Company nozzles strategically placed around the system to be cooled.

A properly designed misting system will cause instant evaporation of the micro droplets into the air stream. The mixture of water and air reaching the condenser coil will be in a gas phase and at a considerably lower temperature. This will increase heat transfer and cooling capacity which results in decreased energy consumption. To achieve the best possible results many factors should be taken into consideration. Some factors to consider are nozzle design, size and placement, optimum water quality and pressure, system control and safety features.

Measuring the Energy Savings

Through extensive research and a lengthy consultation process with local air-conditioning engineers experienced in local climatic conditions, The Misting Company has achieved up to 35% energy savings. There are multiple variable inputs which include cost of power, cost of water, current kW draw and size of the units. The Misting Company can help design the correct system to offer maximum savings on energy bills.