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BHP Mettalloys Dust Suppression

BHP Dust Suppression Award

In the spirit of an objectives-based approach to improving the air quality within the Vaal Triangle Airshed Priority Area (VTAPA), BHP Metalloys committed to various Emission Reduction Strategy (ERS) Projects in order to reduce our particulate emission footprint within the Vaal Triangle.

This commitment subscribes to their value of sustainability, putting health and safety first and being environmentally responsible whilst supporting their communities.

BHP Metalloys thus identified an ERS Project namely, the capturing of fugitive emissions generated from the metal casting at the Oxygen Blown Convertor (OBC) located at West Plant in Meyerton.

After considering various options it was decided to install The Misting Company's misting system that is environmentally friendly and would not adversely affect employees' health.

This system consists of eight (8) fans with spray manifolds to direct the fugitive emissions towards the eastern and southern side vapour curtains. The dust is then entrapped in the fine mist preventing the escape of fugitive emissions from the casting bay area.

The reason this project was expedited was due to the high impact emission reduction on the neighbouring communities of Meyerton Park and Sicelo.

The expected emission reduction in fugitive emissions through the implementation of this project is expected to be approximately 10tpa.